A holistic society of compassionately human, spiritually enlightened, intellectually awakened, professionally skilled, socially committed and culturally integrated persons based on the values as lived and taught by Jesus Christ and followed by Saint Francis De Sales.

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• To provide a conducive atmosphere for intellectual development
• To facilitate conviction – based spiritual formation,
• To nurture a sense of the divine and transcendence,
• To imbue the virtues of gentleness, compassion and optimism,
• To impart authentic leadership training,
• To instill wholesome professional ethics,
• To encourage sports, games and work experience,
• To inculcate healthy food habits,
• To promote environmental consciousness,
• To extend integral education to all,
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Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. Reg. No. CBSE/AFF.830745

Rev. Fr. P.M. Lawrence


An educated individual is well balanced, wise and harmonious from within. According to Socrates, they have a greater responsibility to remedy the shortcomings of society when he or she recognizes them.

It is also the responsibility of the educated to find a way for the civilized society, where peace and harmony prosper and a Corruption- Free State prevails
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St. Francis de sales

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Fr. Peter Mermier

Our Founder

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Success Stories

Saiadith A (LKG D, SFS ACADEMY) of Bengaluru, Karnataka, is appreciated for recalling and identifying nine colours, counting numbers from 1-30, five rhymes, months of the year, days of the week, alphabet with their corresponding words