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Principal's Message

“The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.” -Stephen Richards

Fr. Johnson


The wondrous world is home to innumerable species of creatures including humanity. As we journey on, we encounter endless possibilities and opportunities in life. In this competitive world, life seems to be too frantic to meet the expectations and demands. There is a constant struggle to achieve success, fame, name, popularity and acceptance at any cost and means.

The road to achievement and accomplishment is neither straight nor a highway. Thorns and stones, turns and twists, pains and faints, hurdles and hindrances keep waiting our way. Rise and shine, defeats and declines are inseparable parts of life’s journey. Great and successful personalities of human history didn’t reach their heights in one go. Hours of effort, immeasurable sacrifice and unwavering dedication propelled them to the top.

All of us are unique with varying aptitudes, aspirations, talents, temperaments, techniques, dispositions and determinations. The ambiguous world of opportunities and possibilities throws challenges to every individual’s endeavour. To rise above the disheartening defeat or to buckle under the depth of debris is the choice for everyone to make.

The early years of learning are crucial for developing resilience, creativity, cognitive skills, determination and willpower. Our surroundings, including our home, school, playground, travel experiences, books, media, peer group, weather and topography play a significant role in shaping and moulding us. It is important to stay receptive and open-minded utilizing all our senses to actively learn and embrace life’s opportunities.

The world offers us numerous avenues. Let us dream big because we are a bundle of energy and enormous possibilities.

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