Mandatory Public Disclosures


SFS Academy Kindergarten celebrated its Annual Sports Meet, ESPERANTO ‘24 on the school grounds on February 16 and 17, 2024. The opening ceremony commenced with the warm welcome of the Chief Guest, Fr. Anil Kiran, Assistant Parish Priest of SFS Church, Hebbagodi. It was followed by a procession featuring the school, sports and house colour flags. The Chief Guest received the sports torch and officially declared the sports meet open. The ceremony concluded with a marvellous display of drills by the LKG students. Competitions for the day kicked off grade-wise. The events were as follows: PRE KG - Running Race, Pebble Gathering, and Standing Jump, LKG - Running Race, Hurdle Race and Standing Jump and UKG - Running Race, Target Shooting, Sack Race and Potato Race. On February 17, 2024, group events like Builders and Bulldozers, Animal Relay and Bottle Filling were conducted. ESPERANTO ‘24 concluded with the prize distribution ceremony and declaration of the sports meet closed by the principal, Fr. Johnson.