Principal's Message

How infinite in faculties!
In form and moving, how express and admirable!
In action, how like an angel!
In apprehension, how like a god!
The beauty of the world!
The paragon of animals!

Shakespeare's evocation of the infinite faculties of man represents the full faith of his age, in man's ability to scale the heights of thought, love and beauty. It is the power of emotion and reason which sets the homo-sapiens apart from the other beings on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder. It is the utilization of these qualities, which moulds the personality of an individual either raising him to a God-like height, or reducing him to be the 'quintessence of dust'. It is estimated that the amount of knowledge is doubling every year. It is sad to see that we are taught everything but the most essential things. What good is intellectual education without understanding human dignity and compassion? According to Fr. Peter Mary Mermier, the founder of the congregation of the Missionaries of St. Francis De Sales, “The education of the heart is the heart of education.” True education is training of both the head and the heart.

In the words of Steven Muller, "Universities are turning out highly skilled barbarians because we don't provide a framework of values to young people who more and more are searching for it". Intellectual education influences the head and values-based education influences that heart. Education that builds fundamental traits of character-such as honesty, compassion, courage, persistence and responsibility-is absolutely essential. In fact, a person who is morally educated will be a lot better equipped to move up in life than a morally bankrupt person with excellent academic qualifications. Hence, truly educated persons are those who can choose wisely and courageously between wisdom and foolishness, between good and bad, between virtuousness and vulgarities, regardless of the academic qualifications they have.

SFS Academy started in 2014 is managed and run by the missionaries of St. Francis de Sales of the south-west India province. Every educational institution works to a common goal of providing quality education to the youth. At SFS Academy this is taken to a higher plane, where the endeavor is not just to provide education but also to inculcate in young minds a strong sense of values and ethics.

Here we are extremely privilege to have a multifarious building with well-equipped classrooms, a calm and sylvan campus with specious play grounds, qualified, competent and committed teachers, generous parents and well-wishers. SFS Academy is a rare combination of hard work, dedication and service. It is today a citadel of learning and a fortress of empowerment. Overall excellence has always been our hallmark and we strive every minute to create better citizens for tomorrow by inculcating values of knowledge, love and service.

‘To dream is your right
hard work is your duty
will power is your need
to fly high and to achieve the sky'.